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Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022

Jonathan Pie: The World's End

As all the environment correspondents are sick with COVID, reporter Jonathan Pie gets sent to the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (aka COP26) despite knowing very little about the climate crisis. But he reckons he can wing it.
Two embarrassing interviews with Ed Miliband and Caroline Lucas later, he bumps into an inebriated George Monbiot drowning his sorrows at The World's End pub.

Six pints later, Pie now fully understands the urgency of the existential crisis facing humanity, and, to the horror of his long-suffering Producer Tim, he decides to convey his new-found knowledge live to the nation.


"Jonathan Pie: The World's End" is a short film filmed at COP26 by comedian Tom Walker (Jonathan Pie) and director Franny Armstrong (The Age of Stupid, McLibel, 10:10).

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