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Orbán Viktor: the restructuring of the power relations in the whole of Europe is taking place

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, stated that Europe is experiencing a “war psychosis” and is drifting towards war each day. Orbán emphasized that it is essential for the voice of peace to compete with the power of the voice of war and that the majority of the world wants peace. He made these remarks during a speech at the summit of the Turkic Council in Ankara on Thursday.

Orbán thanked the leaders of the Turkic countries for strengthening the voice of peace and expressed gratitude to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for successfully mediating between warring parties and urged him to continue his efforts. He also thanked Erdogan for the cooperation between Hungary and Turkey within NATO.

Orbán pointed out that the main issue in Europe today is war, which places Hungary in a difficult situation since Ukraine is its neighboring state, and the effects of war are severe and direct, with inflation skyrocketing and energy prices at historic highs. He added that many Hungarian people have died in the war, including members of the Hungarian community living in Western Ukraine.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that Hungary's priority is to save lives, and therefore, it advocates for a ceasefire and peace negotiations. However, he also expressed his opinion that what is happening in Europe is more than just a war, as a complete restructuring of power relations is taking place, which will have an impact on the Turkic world. Orbán also highlighted that Hungary sees another danger, which is that the world economy may become blocked again.

Orbán stated that the blocking of the global economy is contrary to Hungary's interests and that Hungary sees its future in collectivism and connectivity rather than blocking. He suggested that the Turkic countries play a key role in this regard since they include European, Caucasian, and Central Asian countries that are connected to each other based on mutual respect and can serve as a good example for the world.

Orbán also expressed Hungary's support for a new dimension of economic, trade, and energy connections with the Turkic countries. He indicated that Hungary would like to participate in the Turkic investment fund as soon as possible and that the necessary financial resources are available.

* The term "Turkic" is used to refer to a group of peoples who speak languages belonging to the Turkic language family. This includes people who live in countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, among others.
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