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Monday, Aug 15, 2022

Saudi Arabia population 'disinterested' in Biden's visit

Saudi Arabia not having wall-to-wall media coverage of US President Joe Biden's visit shows the population is "disinterested" in the event, says British-American physician Dr Qanta Ahmed.
Dr Ahmed said she was speaking with contacts in Saudi Arabia who told her there was no "wall-to-wall" media coverage of President Biden's visit.

"In the United States there's been very little media coverage of this visit as well – both populations are disinterested," Dr Ahmed said.

"If you remember, President Trump's visit was not only welcomed by the King of Saudi Arabia to the Saudi capital but the king of Saudi Arabia at that time invited the other 50 plus Muslim majority leaders to the region to welcome the American president.

"The entire world was watching it, there in the Middle East in the Muslim majority world and here in the West – and at this time it has been really relatively unremarkable."

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