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Monday, Aug 08, 2022

Thai prisoner's transfer marks maiden flight for decades-old agreement

Thai prisoner's transfer marks maiden flight for decades-old agreement

Hong Kong transferred a Thai inmate to a prison in his home country this month, marking the first time the transfer of offenders agreement was put to use since its establishment between the two governments 22 years ago.
Thailand's consulate-general in Hong Kong took to Facebook on Monday to say "the transfer, which followed from the sentenced person's request to serve the remainder of the sentence in the person's home country, constitutes a significant achievement for both Thailand and Hong Kong as a result of the two sides' close cooperation on criminal matters."

The Security Bureau also addressed the transfer, saying the SAR will always do its utmost to help both Hongkongers serving their terms overseas and foreigners who wish to serve the rest of their term at home where there is no language barrier and their families can visit.

According to the agreement, Hong Kong residents jailed in Thailand or Thai citizens jailed in Hong Kong can be considered for transfer.

However, all legal proceedings must be concluded and Hongkongers must not have been jailed for offenses against the security of Thailand, the country's monarch or any legislation that protects its national treasures.

The agreement does not extend to the surrender of fugitives, however, as Thailand is not among the 15 countries and territories that Hong Kong currently has extradition treaties with.

Indeed, in 2019, Hong Kong had to turn down Thai authorities' request to surrender its self-exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

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