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Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

This is the tripartite deal that is taking shape between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States

In what looks like the “Isaac Agreements”, Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett and US President Joe Biden agreed that the US will lift the boycott of Prince Bin Salman. The Saudis will increase oil production to help Washington deal with the energy crisis. Saudi Arabia will open the airspace to Israeli flights. And in return, Israel will give the green light for the transfer of the Tiran and Sanafir islands from Egyptian sovereignty to Saudi sovereignty.
For many years, Israel and Saudi Arabia have maintained informal ties and secret cooperation. Now the alliance between the states is about to be made public - at least in part. In the face of the Iranian threat that is feared in both Jerusalem and Riyadh, and in light of the Saudi desire to thaw the cold relations with the United States, the process of normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia is expected to move forward.

Lebanon, Syria or Iraq, who is next?

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