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Sunday, Nov 28, 2021

Veteran care worker loses job over vaccine mandate, blasts government in emotional VIDEO

Veteran care worker loses job over vaccine mandate, blasts government in emotional VIDEO

A UK care worker who worked in the field for over a dozen years decried the Covid-19 vaccine mandates after her refusal to be vaccinated cost her her job. The story has grabbed national headlines.

Louise Akester, 36, worked at Alderson House in Hull for the last three years and in the healthcare field for 14 years, but has now lost her job due to her non-compliance with a mandate stating that all care workers must be fully vaccinated after November 11 unless they receive a medical exemption. Opponents of vaccine mandates have argued that this approach could lead to major staffing issues over the winter months, while supporters insist it will offer more protection to vulnerable care home residents.

In a video she reportedly took on Friday afternoon after her final shift, Akester tearfully explained that losing her job and walking away from the people she has cared for was the hardest thing she has ever done.

“I just can't believe what the bloody government is doing to us, I just don't get it, I don't understand,” she said.

Akester said the situation is unfair, as residents and guests are not required to be vaccinated under the new rules. She claimed that residents at her facility are “crying their eyes out” over her departure, and noted that she has been tested for Covid-19 regularly and has worn proper protective gear at her job.

Thousands could lose their jobs after November 11, and Akester, who has said she made minimum wage at her last job, said she has received lots of messages of support.

“It’s nice to know I’m not alone, that there’s other people in my shoes,” she said.

Akester insisted that she is not against vaccines, but is not ready to be vaccinated for Covid-19 just now. She previously told the Daily Mail she is waiting due to concerns over the potential long-term side effects.

“This choice should be my basic human right. I do not deserve to be punished for saying no,” she said.

However, she did not rule out being vaccinated for Covid-19 at some point in the future.


Oh ya 18 days ago
Well its better to alive and unemployed than jabbed and injured or dead. You can always find a way to make a living. Being dead kind of hampers that.


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