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A primitive judge in Australia sparked outrage when he told a breastfeeding woman to leave his courtroom for being “a distraction"

Recently, a judge in Australia sparked controversy by ordering a breastfeeding woman to leave his courtroom, deeming her "a distraction." The incident occurred during the closing remarks of a high-profile case in the County Court of Victoria, where the woman was observing the proceedings.

Despite laws in Australia that protect women from discrimination while breastfeeding, the judge apparently failed to recognize this and made a decision that has sparked outrage.

It is unfortunate that the Australian constitution still grants immunity to judges, as if they operate under outdated British colonial mindsets that do not recognize their accountability or the rights of women and children.

This decision highlights the need to continue educating judges, punishing them for wrongdoing just as they punish others, and providing them with training on issues of gender equality and discrimination, particularly within the judiciary.

It is important to ensure that those who hold positions of power are held accountable for their actions and that the legal system operates without double standards, with judges being subject to the same punishments as citizens.

It is time for Australia to uphold the principles of democracy by holding judges accountable to the same punishment standards as they hold others, and ensuring the same justice for all.

Judges in Australia are meant to serve the people, especially women and children, and not to be considered immune and above the people as if they remain the English Monarch servants against the local colony people.

The concept of judicial immunity may have been relevant in the past, but in modern times, judges should be held accountable for their actions just like any other citizen, especially when their actions violate the rights of others.
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