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Apple and Disney Halt Ads on X Following Elon Musk's Antisemitic Post, US Reacts

The White House deemed Musk's behavior unacceptable and a threat to Jewish communities.

Shareholders of Tesla, where Musk serves as CEO, have called for his suspension due to his actions.

The advertising pullback by major companies comes in the wake of a report highlighting the appearance of mainstream ads alongside pro-Nazi content on platform X.

In response to the controversy, IBM and other companies have ceased advertising until the issue is addressed.

Amidst rising global antisemitism and Islamophobia, an increase in such content on platform X was detected during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Media Matters reported a significant uptick in antisemitic content on the platform after Musk's takeover.

Despite Musk's claims of being against all forms of hate, his actions and comments have raised concerns about the impact on his companies' reputations and potentially on their relationships with government contractors.

His recent interactions and controversial statements contradict his past assurances and are seen to undermine Tesla's brand.

European Commission and other entities have also stopped advertising on X, citing a rise in disinformation and hate speech.

Meanwhile, the platform's management has moved to label offensive posts as sensitive media and addressed concerns about ad placements.

The issue places platform executive Linda Yaccarino in a difficult position as she must decide how to respond to the antisemitic rhetoric from Musk, who holds a prominent position in the company.
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Apple and Disney Halt Ads on X Following Elon Musk's Antisemitic Post, US Reacts
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