Focus on the BIG picture.

Peace Economy vs. War Economy: Xi Jinping & Biden visit Saudi Arabia. MBS welcome both, differently

Leader of China and US President experienced contrasting welcomes in visits only five months apart. While Xi Jinping is considered as a leader, and as a long term strategic partner with mutual interest, Biden is what it is: a politician who is temporarily president that yesterday had one agenda, today another and tomorrow will belong to the history.

USA developing a strong military relationships with its partners they push into conflicts with others.

China is building strategic relationship based on mutual commercial interests.

It’s a peace strategy vs. war strategy; Buddhism vs. Christianity.

Some prefer USA as a partners, some prefer China. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman build relationship with every country who can benefit Saudi Arabia, and refuse to be fooled by the traditional western tactic to control countries by dividing them with artificial conflicts and conspiracies.

Saudi Arabia is building and positioning itself - alongside with the UAE - as the leader of the upcoming decentralized world, where Saudi Arabia will become the leader of the Gulf, Maghreb and the Middle East, China will become the leader of most of Asia , and USA hopefully will be able to control at least its own collapsing economy, divided society and maybe few countries from the Americas and the Caribbean.

The future of EU and the ex Soviet countries is too questionable to predict, as Europe become more Muslim and less white, and the conflict in Ukraine may lead to wider regime changes.

Africa, India, Japan and Australia will have to re-calibrate their political and economic strategy accordingly.

As democracy is unfortunately becoming a romantic fantasy rather than a reality all over the world, a new (or maybe old?) form of local and geopolitical system will become the new norm.
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