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Three Russians Set World Record Parachuting from Stratosphere to North Pole, Suffer Frostbite: Test New Arctic Communications System

Three Russian men, Mikhail Korniyenko, Alexander Lynnik, and Denis Yefremov, broke the world record for parachuting from the Earth's stratosphere to the North Pole last week.
They jumped from an Ilyushin-76 plane at an altitude of 10,500 meters (34,450 feet) and experienced about 2.5 minutes of freefall before opening their parachutes 1,000 meters above the ground.

The mission also served as a test for a new Arctic communications system.

The jump took place at extreme cold conditions, and all three suffered frostbite on their cheeks despite wearing heated masks.

A video was recorded of a team's descent into the Arctic, where they experienced severe frostbite despite wearing heated masks due to temperatures around -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) feeling like -70 Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit) at speeds over 300 km/h.

They landed near Russia's Barneo polar base and used diesel generators to power up a server and establish a satellite connection for communications equipment dropped earlier.

With countries like Russia, the US, and China competing for resources, trade routes, and military advantage in the Arctic, the importance of reliable communications is expected to increase.

A Russian hosting provider, RUVDS, managed to send data through an experimental satellite system, according to its managing partner and co-founder, Tsaplin.

The system is currently a prototype and lacks the capabilities of established satellite communication companies like Iridium Communications Inc. However, RUVDS was able to connect to the satellite from their server and transfer data.
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