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We are not CNN. We are not NBC. We are CNNBC (Communal News Network Broadcasting Company) - a non profit journalism initiative, focusing on the big picture. Established in 1998, to cover as many angles as possible out of the 360 degrees of truth - for a more informed, less divided, more balanced society. Our main motive is to provide richer and more diverse food for thought, to develop a better awareness of citizens for their individual rights, but also for their obligations to the world, the country, the community and their family.

About us

CNNBC is a non-profit, private and self-funded, commonly-created News and info-sharing platform that enables everybody to share valuable content such as local and global news updates.

Primarily CNNBC serve as a news outlet that aim to show a more-balanced, non partisan and open minded news items. to develop more informed citizens for sustainable democracy.

The news are collected, added and written by different contributors, all of them volunteers, and you are welcome to become one of them - by simply clicking the "Add your news" button.

CNNBC is not supported by anybody, and it is not supporting any specific agenda beside being free, open, non commercial and balanced.

The mission is simply to share with all readers the big picture about every topic with as much balance as possible, from as many diverse sources as possible, without any vested political or commercial interest, for the common benefit of all, regardless of their economic status, political points of view, beliefs, and personal  preferences.

If you enjoy the content, we are happy; and if not, be sure that we are always working on improving what we do.

Share your content with the world

Users who wants to share their own content on CNNBC are welcome to include with it advertising for their own benefit – for free and without any profit sharing with CNNBC.

CNNBC is a powerful platform that provides what's relevant, interesting and new for the benefits of the community and the world beyond.

As a non-commercial content platform, we’ve developed this system to help people discover content, products and services that may be of interest to them and to the wider public. So if you believe your news is important to share with the public, simply upload it using the “Add your news” link on the top of the site, and we will spread your words out.

We respect the privacy of everyone involved, so news can be and by default is anonymous. However, we are happy to promote the author’s work under their own name/alias, if desired.

Publishing news is very simple, just click ‘add your news’ on the site and it will take the author to the article upload interface.

Discover, Write and Share What’s Interesting

You can include advertising for your business, products or services. It's all yours, for free. But… please do not abuse the standards we’ve set for the common good.

The system has advanced AI algorithms built-in that moderate the content to avoid promoting inappropriate materials.

Your submissions will be automatically analyzed by these advanced AI algorithms. If the system marks your content as appropriate, it will be published immediately.

If you want to become a frequent contributor, please get in touch via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. A frequent contributor will get a short code to promote their news faster, with an advanced tool to include advertising next to every item of original content you create, and full access to enable and moderate comments for your content.

If you notice any incorrect information or inappropriate content, please inform us immediately using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. We appreciate all contribution from the readers to improve the news service.

And one more thing: we are not sharing and not selling and not collecting any of your personal data. But we are also not Wikileaks, The Intercept, Telegram, etc... This platform and infrastructure is not designed to deal with super-sensitive or unlawful classified information nor to protect the privacy of the users that submit content. We do not collect any user’s personal information; we do not share your personal details. We do not own your content. But we assume that others who are against transparency and free journalism will find the way to compromise any human right for  privacy. In other words: we are not the platform you want to make the next revolution, but simply a place where you are welcome to contribute to the natural evolution of the way people consume and share information.

We are here for good. Let's join forces to make it happen.

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