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Dutch Government Considering Exit from Facebook over Data Protection Concerns
Oxford Shuts Down Elon Musk-Funded Institute Led by Controversial Philosopher Nick Bostrom: 'Death by Bureaucracy'
Elon Musk Opposes TikTok Ban in US: Freedom of Speech Concerns
North Korea Tests Cruise Missile Warhead and New Anti-Aircraft Missile
Isfahan Explosions: US Media Reports Israel's Retaliatory Strikes on Iran
Taylor Swift’s Latest Album Critiqued for Excess
Celebrity Withdrawals from USC Graduation Amid Controversy
First headlines for Friday, April 20
Liberal Opposition to Israel Aid Amid Gaza Tensions
Subdued International Response to Israeli Strikes on Iran
U.S. Plans Military Withdrawal from Niger Amid Growing Russian Influence
Ukraine's Dependence on International Aid Emphasized
Potential Questioning of Trump on Misconduct Allegations
U.S. House Finds Rare Consensus on Israel and Ukraine Aid
Faculty Express No Confidence in Columbia University President
Jury Selection Completed in Trump's Criminal Trial
Tragic Incident Outside Trump Trial Courthouse
Israel's Calculated Strike on Iran Signals Strategic Intent
Media Coverage of Trump Jury Sparks Polarized Reactions
India's Mammoth Election: 1 Billion Voters Cast Their Ballots Amid Heat, Excitement, and Popularity of Prime Minister Modi
Four Dead, Dubai Airport Disrupted: UAE's Heaviest Rains in 75 Years Cause Flooding and Flight Chaos
Dubai's Historic Flooding: Homes Ruined, Airport Disrupted Due to Lack of Storm Drains
Three Russians Set World Record Parachuting from Stratosphere to North Pole, Suffer Frostbite: Test New Arctic Communications System
Tesla Recalls 3,878 Cybertrucks Due to Acceleration Defect, Increasing Crash Risk
Donald Trump Labels Hush Money Trial a 'Mess' as Jury Selection Nears Completion: 12 Jurors Selected, Including Sales Professional, Software Engineer, English Teacher, and Multiple Lawyers
Man Carrying Suspected Explosives Detained at Iran Embassy in Paris: Police
China Establishes New Military Cyber Corps: 'Fight and Win' in Modern Warfare
Meteorologist Warns of 'Weather Wars' Amid Debate over Dubai Rain and Cloud Seeding
Most Wanted US Fugitive Arrested in Vatican with Three Concealed Knives
Beijing Half Marathon: Three Runners Disqualified for Allowing He Jie to Win
China Orders Apple to Remove WhatsApp, Threads, Telegram, and Signal from App Store: National Security Concerns
Polish Man Charged with Plotting to Provide Intel on Zelensky Assassination to Russia
German-American Billionaire Declared Dead Found Alive in Moscow with Russian Mistress: Report
Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Trump Hush-Money Trial Courthouse: Witnesses
Historic Jury Selected for Trump's Hush-Money Trial: 12 Jurors and 6 Alternates to Decide Former President's Fate
“Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary, says Trump trial is sheer stupidity
Shocking Scam: Brazilian Woman Tries to Secure Bank Loan for Deceased Man in Wheelchair
Urgent Call from William Burns as Kyiv Braces for Russian Summer Offensive.
US Vetoes UN Membership for Palestine: Twelve Countries Favor Admission, Abbas Vows Determination
Kenya: Military Chief and 9 Top Brass Die in Helicopter Crash
Six Arrested, Including Airline Worker, in $22M Toronto Airport Gold Heist: Police Call It an Inside Job
Children Used as 'Guinea Pigs' in Infected Blood Trials: Hundreds of Kids Exposed to Hepatitis C and HIV in the 1970s and 80s
Brazil Woman Tries to Withdraw Bank Loan with Dead Uncle, Sparks Controversy
Dubai's Airport and Roads Disrupted for Third Day Amid Heavy Rain and Flooding: 1,285 Flights Cancelled or Diverted
Maldives: Ex-President Yameen Released from Jail as Court Orders New Trial on Corruption Charges
Google Terminates Employment of 28 Workers After Sit-In Protest Against Israel Contract
Global Cyber Gang Busted: 37 Arrested for Industrial-Scale Phishing Scam, Stealing £1m and 544,000
Yulia Navalnaya and Ajay Banga Among TIME's 100 Most Influential Leaders of 2024: Navalnaya Entering Politics After Husband's Death, Banga Making History as World Bank President
Apple to Invest Over $250M to Expand Singapore Campus: Two New Buildings to Undergo Major Upgrade