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Florida's DeSantis seeks to disqualify judge in Disney case

Florida's very own Governor Ron DeSantis, the Republican known for making waves and eyeing up a 2024 presidential run, is flexing his legal muscles. His squad of top-tier lawyers is seeking to disqualify a federal judge, questioning his ability to keep it cool and impartial in a fiery dispute between DeSantis and entertainment juggernaut, Walt Disney Co.

This legal rollercoaster began on a sunny Friday in Tallahassee, where DeSantis' lawyers filed a motion to give U.S. District Judge Mark Walker the boot from this case.

Why the fuss, you ask? Earlier this year, Disney had accused DeSantis of "weaponizing" the state government. All this ruckus in response to Mickey Mouse & Co.'s criticism of a controversial law dubbed the "don't say gay" law, which put the kibosh on classroom chats about sexuality and gender identity with the little ones.

Disney alleges DeSantis orchestrated a Republican-controlled legislative power play against the 'woke' side of the Mouse House. Their goal? To seize control of an administrative district, known as Reedy Creek Improvement District, a magic wand from 1967 that helped Disney craft their world-renowned theme parks and resorts.

Back to the ring, DeSantis' lawyers argued that Judge Walker has already shown a hint of bias, citing his remarks about Disney in separate cases.

Can we trust the judge's impartiality? According to Team DeSantis, "That's a big maybe!"

As we tune into this political and corporate opera, keep your eyes peeled for DeSantis. He's set to jump into the Republican presidential nomination scramble soon, and he could be a fierce challenger to front-runner Donald Trump. Buckle up, folks! The GOP nominee will go head-to-head with President Joe Biden in November 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on this tantalizing tangle in Florida!
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